Dogs reactions to a levitating hot dog.  I’m fairly sure, mine would eat it :)

Could this be any greater?

Could this be any greater?


They are all there, all 12 Doctors.  Dodecahedron is 5” tall and fully cross stitched.  The pattern is in my shops on Etsy  and ArtFire.


Here is a mystery for y’all.  A couple of nights ago, we had to separate one of our male mice into his own cage (there was fighting going on). This morning I checked on the guy and he had tranfigured himself. 

I have absolutely no idea how this black snake got into the cage! The mouse was gone—well, let’s just say you can’t see a furry mouse, he is now a lump in the snake. Both hubby and I are amazed the snake was able to eat the mouse. The snake is only about 18” long and really doesn’t look like he could’ve eaten the mouse, but the lump tells the story.


Blooper reel from Season 2 of Hannibal.  Dude.



honduran white tent bats roosting under a heliconia leaf, which they sever down the length of its midrib to create a ‘tent’ that provides a waterproof shelter and protection from potential predators. 

photos by (click pic) konrad wothekenji nishida, jenny theobald and tobias gerlach, leyooutofsomewherewanja krahalex figueroamatt brady, and michael and patricia fogden


A true professional will work through his difficulties.


I made a tiny cross stitch doll of myself.  Now to keep it out of the wrong hands.  The bottom picture is the real me (yeah, I’m old)


I had my dog put to sleep this morning

And I’m heart broken.

Yesterday, I thought he may have bloat. Erie was (that hurts to use the past tense) a large dog, black lab/chow mix and they are prone to it. In the morning he drank a bunch of water very quickly, I figured he was dehydrated. But as the day went on, he was lethargic, refused his dinner (not unusual in hot weather) and looked bloated. About 7 in the evening, he came out of his cool spot and I tried to feel his abdomen. He snapped at me, completely out of character.

So I found a 24 hour clinic about an hour away and got him down there. Just before midnight, the vet came out and told me he had a large mass on his spleen and had been bleeding internally. It is a cancer common to several breeds, labs being one. The chance of survival wasn’t good. He was 8 1/2-9 years old and at best it could give him a couple of months. I didn’t want to put him through all that, only to make his last couple of months miserable. I called my husband, and he agreed with my thinking. Then at midnight I called my daughter. She was visiting her boyfriend and wasn’t really far from the clinic. Erie was her first dog and they had that special bond. Daughter got there and we spent an hour or more with him. Then a bit before 2am the vet came in and gave him the medications.

He was a real gentle giant. One of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known. It hurts so much, but I know I did the right, loving thing for him.

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